How to Make your Garage Look Like a Carriage House

One of the more underused methods of sprucing up the exterior of a house is to fix up the garage.

While the garage is often an after-thought, it is one of the main fixtures on the property that can enhance a house's appearance. If in disrepair or too small, it is thought that to start over is better. But alterations can sometimes be quite beneficial both financially and aesthetically.

The type of project you tackle can be small like paint and repair of cotton wood to actually enlarging and creating a great space.

Here are a few changes to alter the exterior of your property.

  1. Work to tie the two buildings together. If the main house has a special roof, match it on the garage.
  2. In the same vein, paint implementing colors. Work on tying the building together as if they are part of the same estate, even if you don't own an estate.
  3. Remember that the detached garage is not too many steps away from the carriage house and barn of past centuries. There is a lot of romance and natural charm the carriage house/garage can carry. A great way to heighten this sense is with carriage type garage doors. You can have garage doors that look like carriage house doors, yet function like overhead doors.
  4. Adding lighting on either side of the doors can also be a charming feature and can turn your garage into something to be proud of.


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