Restoration Romeo

You’ve probably seen the Hull Historical unofficial mascot on our Facebook and Instagram pages, but if you’ve missed out so far, here’s a little more about Romeo Hull.

Romeo is the Hull family’s four-year-old yellow Labrador. After a round-table discussion and votes were cast, Romeo became the winning name. This chipper pup is the happiest dog alive. I mean who wouldn’t want to spend all day lounging around, perusing the latest projects, greeting office visitors and being loved on by everyone? With a wagging tail and a smile on his face you are sure to spot him right by Brent’s side at almost any project.

Good thing Romeo can’t speak because if we asked him what his favorite part of the job was, he wouldn’t be able to choose. “Romeo probably has the most fun at work every day.” said Brent. After an extensive training course, Romeo has been “on-the-clock” for the past two years at Hull Historical. Brent brings him along to look at prospective projects, to visit the new shop and for all of the commutes in between. Romeo loves sticking his head out the window in the backseat of Brent’s truck.

If you visit the Southside shop, be sure to ask “Wherefore art thou Romeo?” and you just might see the pooch joyfully walk out of Brent’s office to say hello!

Want to hear even more from Romeo? Follow him on Instagram at @RestorationRomeo!