The Primitive Classical Building

The Primitive Classical Building

If you’ve ever wondered why the Greek and Roman temples look the way they do, here’s some background and fun inspiration. It is thought that the original Greek temples were built in wood and then later changed to stone which was more durable. It is because of the original wood construction that some of the unique elements like triglyphs (end of beam, supported by the architrave) evolve.

Marianne Cusato in her wonderful book, “Get your House Right.” shows a great illustration of the origins of the classical order. This illustration and the following pics remind us of the rustic and primitive origins, that were humble, unique and now, inspirational.


The other reassuring idea that comes from this peak into past, is how the decoration and assorted details (architraves and triglyphs) were not random, haphazard or without reason. For the most part, they represent a structural element of the building or were natural decoration that evolved during construction. Please enjoy this collection of primitive yet classical buildings.