98.7 K Luv | Fort Worth Has a New History Channel Show 'Lone Star Restoration'

by Jenny Q

There’s a new reality show in North Texas and if you’re walking through Sundance Square one Fort Worth business owner, Brent Hull has found himself with a new show on the History Channel.

The show “Lone Star Restoration” premiered on Monday, and Hull told NBC 5 all about it.

“You come into a space like this, you go what was going on in here?” Hull said, while touring a building on North Main Street.

“You start looking at things, you start dating things,” he added.

Hull says he is hunting for clues to what the building used to be and how old it is. Details such as doors and doorknobs can date a building.

“Butch Cassidy was down there, I mean it was notorious,” Hull said.

His business, Hull Historical, restores buildings and reclaims history in Fort Worth.

“The personality of Fort Worth is different than Dallas,” said Hull. “They seem to care more about their history. They seem to care more about their roots, their traditions.”

“The ‘Oh, wow!’ moment is really what we’re going for,” said Hull. “That point where people say, That’s right, I forgot.'”

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“Lone Star Restoration” airs Monday nights on the History Channel.