Country Living | Take a Sneak Peek at the History Channel's Addictive New Home Restoration Show

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By Rebecca Shinners

Confession: Every single time we pass by an old house, our minds flood with ideas on what it could become. There's just so much potential hiding behind those broken down shutters. But since we can't possibly take on every fixer upper ourselves, our guilty pleasure is watching others restore homes on TV.

If any of this sounds relatable, you're definitely going to want to tune in to Lone Star Restoration on the HISTORY Channel. This new show, which premieres Monday, October 3rd at 10 p.m. (9 p.m. Central) right after American Pickers, follows Texas-based restoration expert Brent Hull, a man on a mission to "quit building crap and build more beautiful things." (He also has a cute dog, named Romeo!)

So tear your eyes away from staring longingly at real estate listings, and get ready to be inspired. Brent, along with his team at Hull Historical, is all about bringing back the beauty in historical details across Texas. :

"My goal is to bring long-term value and never to put in products that will be dated quickly," Brent wrote on Instagram recently. "If you buy an old house, gut it, and modernize it, stripping out all the things that make it unique, then in ten years, the next owner will come in and say, 'Oh they did this ten years ago. I'll have to redo it.' If instead you update the home with appropriate cabinets, and if additions are in keeping with the same scale and feel of the home, then in ten years, it will still have the same feel and the work will have added value to the home."